Lunds and Byerly's
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Photo Gallery

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Lunds and Byerly’s offer hundreds of varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables, including an extensive selection of certified-organic produce. Many seasonal varieties of fruits and vegetables come from local farmers.

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In each of Lunds and Byerly’s deli departments, customers will find hundreds of specialty cheeses to choose from in addition to chef-prepared meals, side dishes and gourmet deli salads.
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Wines & Spirits

Wines & Spirits
Wines & Spirits.jpg (650 KB)
Lunds Wine Market and Byerly’s Wines & Spirits shops feature an impressive array of wines, liquors and beers from around the world.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping - Personal Shopper
Online Shopping-personal shopper.jpg (2.9 MB)
Personal shoppers – easily identifiable in their orange aprons – prepare customers’ orders from the aisles of a Byerly’s supermarket on the day an online grocery order is scheduled for delivery or drive-thru pickup.
Online Shopping - Delivery Van
Online Shopping-delivery van.jpg (1.5 MB)
Lunds and Byerly’s delivery vans are equipped with climate-controlled compartments so frozen, chilled and room-temperature products are fresh when customers receive them.
Online Shopping - Drive Thru Pickup
Online Shopping-drive-thru pickup.jpg (1.3 MB)
Customers can choose to pick up their online grocery order at select Byerly’s supermarkets. During the scheduled delivery time, customers simply drive through the parcel pickup lane designated for online shoppers to receive their orders.
Online Shopping - Wireless Technology
Online Shopping-wireless technology.jpg (1.5 MB)
Advanced wireless technology helps personal shoppers quickly and accurately fulfill an order according to any special instructions provided by the customer.

Store Fronts

Byerlys Exterior Lunds Exterior
Byerly’s exterior.jpg (1.6 MB) Lunds exterior.jpg (1.7 MB)
Lund Food Holdings, Inc. is a family-owned company that operates 21 Lunds and Byerly’s stores throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding area. Lunds and Byerly’s are routinely noted for their extraordinary foods, exceptional service and passionate expertise.