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Our Lunds and Byerly's chef-crafted premium products are sourced worldwide by our own food experts. Made using only the finest ingredients, our goal is to deliver quality, freshness and wholesome taste in every product that carries our Lunds and Byerly's name. 

Each new collection of Lunds and Byerly's products is taste-tested against market leaders to ensure superior quality and unique gourmet flavors.  All of our products are available exclusively at Lunds and Byerly’s stores.

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Lunds and Byerly's Better For You Frozen Entrées
Our new line of Better For You frozen entrées are loaded with flavor and lighter on the calories, fat and salt. Developed by our team of executive chefs, these entrées feature scrumptious ingredients like lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables, flavorful spices and tantalizing light sauces.
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Lunds and Byerly's Premium Coffees
Our coffee collection is small-batch roasted locally, featuring beans from around the world. This collection includes a wide variety of light, medium and dark roasts that offer a fresh, superior roast coffee. Most are available in both whole bean and ground.


Lunds and Byerly's Premium Frozen Collection
We are happy to introduce our expanded lineup of frozen food items with a wide variety of pot pies, side dishes, main entrées and quiches. Enjoy roasted chicken smothered in a Dijon sauce and asparagus risotto made from authentic Arborio rice. Try hickory-smoked pulled pork and fire-roasted corn nestled beneath fluffy cheddar mashed potatoes – a twist on traditional pot pie.
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