Lunds and Byerly's
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Lunds & Byerly's Kettle ChipsLunds & Byerly's Kettle Chips
Our kettle chips are made from thickly-sliced high quality potatoes and baked to perfection in small batches. Try them all including Traditional, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Tavern Mustard and Crème Fraîche & Chive.
Lunds & Byerly's SalasLunds & Byerly's Salsas
Lunds & Byerlys Sweet & Spicy Southern Peach and Roasted Tomato & Garlic salsas each provide the perfect combination of flavors. Try them over grilled fish, poultry or straight from the jar.
Lunds & Byerly's Grilling SaucesLunds & Byerly's Sauces
No grill is complete without our new grilling and barbecue sauces. Try Twin Cities Original,Kentucky Bourbon, Tex Mex Chipotle Chile, Asian Fusion Honey Ginger Teriyaki and North Woods Maple Rosemary.
Lunds & Byerly's MustardsLunds & Byerly's Mustards
Brush on the flavor. Our new mustards go beyond sandwiches. Try both the Wasabi Sake and Honey Truffle varieties.
Lunds & Byerly's Pasta SaucesLunds & Byerly's Pasta Sauces
Our pasta sauces were created using only fresh and natural ingredients, including authentic San Marzano tomatoes imported from Italy. They come in six delicious varieties, including Wild Mushroom, Marinara, Vodka with Parmigiano Reggiano, Artichoke with Red Pepper, Tomato Basil and Roasted Red Pepper with Fennel.
Lunds & Byerly's Oil SpritzersLunds & Byerly's Oil Spritzers
Add a spritz of flavor to any meal with our easy-to-use all-natural, low-fat oil spritzers. Our four distinct offerings – Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil, Toasted Sesame & Grapeseed Oil, Meyer Lemon & Grapeseed Oil and White Truffle & Olive Oil – will give any meal a flavor infusion.
Lunds & Byerly's Savory ToppingsLunds & Byerly's Savory Toppings
Our savory toppings are as versatile as they are delectable. With flavors such as Roasted Garlic & Artichoke and Caramelized Red Onion & Fig, these toppings are perfect for breads, crackers or as a secret ingredient in your next dish.
Lunds & Byerly's Bread SprinkleLunds & Byerly's Bread Sprinkle
Give your bread some zest with our new Herb & Cheese Bread Sprinkle, which combines Parmesan and Romano cheese powder with garlic, herbs, bell pepper and lemon peel.
Lunds & Byerly's VinegarsLunds & Byerly's Vinegars
Our distinctive vinegar line provides the best flavor nuances for all your cooking and dining pleasures. From a 12-year-aged aceto balsamic, to our barrel-aged balsamic, to our white wine and chianti red wine vinegars, your pantry will be well stocked.
Lunds & Byerly's Olive OilsLunds & Byerly's Olive Oils
These first pressed, extra virgin olive oils are produced in the perfect olive growing terrain of Italy. In addition to our extra virgin olive oil, we offer White Truffle Olive Oil and Black Truffle Olive Oil, which add rich, earthy flavors to your favorite dish.