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Reuse and Reward

Reusable Bags 

Bring your reusable bags each time you shop with us and you will not only reduce our impact on the environment – you will also help those in need.

For every reusable bag we use to bag your groceries at all Lunds and Byerly’s, we will make a 5-cent donation to locally based Second Harvest Heartland, the Upper Midwest’s largest hunger relief organization.

With Second Harvest’s buying power, every 5-cent donation is turned into 45 cents worth of groceries for those less fortunate.

About Second Harvest Heartland:

  • For every dollar donated, Second Harvest provides nearly 4 meals to a neighbor in need.

  • 92% of Second Harvest’s revenue is applied directly to programs.

  • This year, Second Harvest will deliver more than 51 million pounds of food to more than 1,000 non-profit agencies and programs in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, including food shelves, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, senior community centers and children’s after-school programs.

  • Read more about Second Harvest and our reusable bag program in our blog >

About our reusable bags:

Lunds and Byerly’s reusable bags can be folded and snapped into a compact square for easy storage in a purse, briefcase or backpack. Each bag costs just $1.50.

To date we've raised for Second Harvest ... $270,000