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A look at a local brewer: Indeed Brewing Company

Helen Balmer, store supervisor at Lunds & Byerlys Kitchen
Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We spend half of the year shoveling snow and finding our way to work in adverse conditions – all with a sense of pride. Why? Because, we’re Minnesotan and that’s what it means to live here. We’re a hearty bunch and when spring comes we also embrace it with zeal.

Whether we’re starting our gardens, visiting farmers markets or just getting outside to breathe the fresh air, we’re as quick to embrace the sun as we are to face the cold. Fresh means something to us because we don’t take it for granted. We have to work for it. Indeed Brewing Company embodies that Minnesota spirit; with their beers, you’re taking a sip of Minnesota.

Coming home to 612 Brew

Kevin Cunningham, Lunds Hennepin wines & spirits manager-in-training
Friday, April 18, 2014

From Dinkytown to Edina. From Uptown to Downtown. The Metro Transit #6 bus gets you to school, to work, and at the end of the day, it gets you home. That’s what it means to 612 Brew co-founder Robert Kasak.

You see, before he was a brewer, Robert rode the #6 bus to work every day. More importantly, he rode that bus home every night. “To this day, when I see the #6 I think about home,” says Robert over beers at the 612 Taproom in Northeast Minneapolis. “That’s what it has always meant to me, and I always knew wherever I ended up, however far I’d wandered, or however much I’d over-celebrated, when I saw that #6 come by I knew it would get me home.”

What is a stout?

by Bill Belkin, wine and spirits category manager
Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Only a few short years ago, before the beer explosion that occurred in this country, I would have been musing about Guinness Stout as my quaff of choice for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Back then, we would’ve ordered Murphy’s Stout from our supplier or even some of the utterly delicious and positively hand-crafted Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout. That’s really all there was in the world of stouts.

Irish Stout

Who could’ve possibly conceived that in the last 36 months alone, I would add more than three dozen stouts? That’s one a month folks! Who’s making all this “dark beer” noise anyway, and perhaps a better question: why?

What's new in 2013 for wines and spirits

by Bill Belkin, wine and spirits category manager
Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Many new trends (something long term) this year versus fads (here and gone) are actually not quite so new as we peek ahead in the adult beverage world.

Here’s what my crystal wine bottle tells me:

That ubiquitous grape Syrah is back and this time it actually may become the next Merlot – or at least a variety that you’ll reach for when tossing the steak or burgers on the grill.

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