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Value of beef – 5 tips for your body, bank account and grill

Colleen Zenk, director of consumer information & nutrition, MN Beef Council
Friday, May 24, 2013

May is Beef Month in Minnesota and beef is the star of the grill. With beef prices on the rise, we have some suggestions for keeping your budget and your waistline in check this summer with great beef recipes and shopping tips.

selecting meat

Lunds and Byerly’s has beef choices to satisfy all tastes and budgets. Planning menus, creating shopping lists and knowing what to look for on the label when buying beef will help you stretch your food dollar, benefit from high quality protein and keep your body in shape for those great summer activities.

Cut for the right occasion - Grilling Steaks

by Michael Selby, executive chef
Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The time to grill a juicy steak is now. Beef you say? Let this blog be your official grass-fed guide to selecting the right steak. The journey always begins at a Lunds or Byerlys meat counter and then it happens. Which cut should I get? What if I over cook it? What if I under cook it? Will it dry out if my guests are late? And so it begins, as you examine your level of apprehension a little voice in the back your mind is saying “let’s just grill chicken, it’s easy and everyone loves it”.

Please tell that little voice that 70% of the battle is simply selecting the right cut for the occasion. Being mindful of your elements and equipment as well as the overall mood and theme of your event is really all you need to do to become a steak hero. Tonight! Let’s review some of the more popular steaks as well as a few examples of exciting things that can happen.

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