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Perfect Grilled Veggies

by Kate Selner, FoodE Expert, Byerly's St. Paul
Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Grilling is a much anticipated aspect of warm weather, but not all grilling has to involve meat. For a non-meat eater like me, grilling can be just as delicious and savory as those who enjoy sizzling pork tenderloin or a juicy burger. I grill a wide assortment of vegetables and fruits all summer, and love experimenting with them over a flame.

The key is moderation for your heat. While high heat is terrific for getting that perfect sear on meat, it results in scorching when used on vegetables. Heat your grill as you would for cooking any meat, but then cut back on the heat, or reduce your gas flame prior to putting vegetables on the grate. And don't forget a smear of oil on that grate.

A good accessory to have for grilling vegetables is a grill plate or basket to place on the grate. This will prevent smaller vegetables from slipping through the grate to the flames below. Grill plates can be found with other grilling accessories and it's a must when I grill thick asparagus stalks, sweet potato fries, potato wedges or any vegetable that could easily disappear.

Springtime Delights

by Molly Ledin, food experience manager
Wednesday, May 25, 2011
When the snow finally melts and the trees begin to bud, I find myself planning my first al fresco dining event. I have to admit, my first thought is, “Will the Minnesota weather cooperate with my grandiose plans to dine under the branches of my big oak tree or will she turn to rain and wind therefore forcing me to my always planned ‘plan b’?” Either way, I assure myself that this will be the second focus of this event. The first will be the food. I start to plan…what are those signature edible spring treats? Certainly there the standards - asparagus, pea pods, but for those more adventurous, fiddlehead ferns. I sauté these gems with a little butter and finish with a grind of sea salt – it is springtime perfection!

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