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2012 Trends: Food Trucks - the hottest food on the street can now be at your table

Posted by by Jessica Morrissey, catering assistant manager
Friday, March 23, 2012

You know we’ve finally hit spring when you see food trucks out on Nicollet Mall and other happening streets downtown. Around our city, you’ll find foodie focused bites, like fresh lobster rolls, delicious falafels and salty caramel ice cream. These restaurants on wheels feature some interesting, cutting-edge food that’s hard to find elsewhere.

With their continued rise in popularity, we took notice and were inspired to create some food truck creations of our own. Our themed menus bring the food out of a truck and on to your table. We now offer everything from raspberry-filled crepes and marinated chicken kabobs, to crisp Caribbean salad and Bahn Mi. Whether you’re throwing a grad party or a work luncheon, we can provide all the delicious and creative foods you see rolling through the city streets.

Kabob Kart menu

Tropical Tiki Hut menu

Breakfast on the Go menu

Delicious food truck creations haven’t always been a part of our cities. According to Mashable, it began in 2008 when many construction groups went out of business, causing the trucks that served them to go under as well. Combined with the many post-recessionary factors, there was a surplus of food trucks and laid off, high-end chefs waiting around. This led to quality food trucks popping up around major U.S. cities. People were skeptical at first, but today food truck popularity is skyrocketing because of the unique dishes at reasonable prices and a strong social media presence.

Food truck creations are unique, exciting and oh so delicious. So get out there or give us a call and let your taste buds experience what everyone will be talking about!

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