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5 new Lunds and Byerly’s creations – just in time for the holidays

Posted by by Julie Griffin, director of Lunds and Byerly's products
Friday, November 30, 2012

Looking for ways to spruce up your holiday party or give that perfect gift to your coworkers? We have seven new Lunds and Byerly’s products that will do just the trick!

We have holiday candy tins, the perfect crackers and flavorful peanuts for party appetizers, organic tea for sipping by a cozy fire and desserts just for two.

Our team of research and development chefs, led by executive chef Peter Kuhr, is always in the kitchen creating the next mouth-watering dish under the Lunds and Byerly’s name. Below, you’ll find a list of five products we recently came out with, along with their locations in our stores. Enjoy our newest creations!

1. Lunds and Byerly’s Holiday Collection (shown above)

WHAT: A collection of Lunds and Byerly’s treats packaged in a stunning holiday design. The collection includes a 2-pack Nut Tin gift, a Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookie Tin, an organic Holiday Blend coffee, and our signature chocolates collection.

WHERE: Holiday displays

Lunds and Byerly's Desserts for Two

2. Lunds and Byerly’s Chef-Crafted Desserts for Two

WHAT: A new collection of premium Bakery style desserts, perfectly proportioned for two. The collection includes: one cheesecake (vanilla); two crisps (apple; and strawberry rhubarb); four pies (apple; blueberry; chocolate chiffon; and key lime). The chocolate chiffon, key lime, and vanilla cheesecake are ready to eat – just thaw and enjoy! The pies and crisps can be heated in oven or microwave.

WHERE : With our frozen dessert selections

Lunds and Byerly's Gourmet Crackers

3. Lunds and Byerly’s Gourmet Deli Crackers

WHAT: A collection of all-natural crackers perfect for accompanying cheese and charcuterie. Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers pair beautifully with blue cheese. Multiseed Crackers are delicious with our Lunds and Byerly’s brie. Roasted Garlic Crackers add an Italian flair to parmesan cheese, olives and artichokes. Stoned Ground Wheat Crackers pair perfectly with aged cheddar and apples.

WHERE: Deli department

Lunds and Byerly's Seasoned Peanuts

4. Lunds and Byerly’s Seasoned Gourmet Peanuts

WHAT: We’ve taken the most popular flavors from our kettle chips and used them to create a new line of peanuts.
A collection of the finest hand-cooked Virginia peanuts, varieties include: Tavern Mustard, Chipotle Ranch, Buffalo Blue Cheese, Sea Salt & Vinegar and a bonus flavor, Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper.

WHERE: In our Lunds and Byerly’s chip set in the salty snack aisle, next to the Lunds and Byerly’s Kettle Chips

Lunds and Byerly's Organic Whole Leaf Tea Collection

5. Lunds and Byerly’s Organic Whole Leaf Tea Collection

WHAT: A collection of premium, organic, fair-trade teas made from globally-sourced ingredients. The pyramid shaped biodegradable, all-natural tea bags allow the leaves to fully expand as water freely circulates, delivering a more flavorful cup of tea.
The box, string, envelopes, tags and bags can be returned to the earth and will degrade naturally into the ground without adding any toxic matter. Varieties include: black, herbal, green, fruit, and chai.

WHERE: In the tea set

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