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Amaize sweet corn is amazing

Posted by by Colin Lyons, produce buyer
Friday, August 23, 2013

Minnesotans are fanatical about their corn. When I was working part time in one of our Byerly’s produce departments, the number one question during the month of June was, “When will you get local sweet corn?” Minnesotans crave it! I think this is because it is the quintessential fresh summer produce item.

We have all officially brushed off the cold of winter, eaten more spring berries than we can handle, and want to plunge into the heart of summer with some wholesome, local, sweet corn on the cob.

Traditionally, the sweet corn preference of Minnesotans has been what we call bi-color corn. This is the corn that has both yellow and white kernels mixed together on the cob. There are many very delicious varieties of bi-color grown all over Minnesota. We carry these varieties throughout the year with some of the best coming from our local growers.

So what is the very best corn available right now?

The answer is Amaize! Amaize is a white variety of sweet corn that is unlike any other corn you have tasted. At first bite, the tender kernels pop off of the cob with a liveliness you don’t get with other corn. They have a delicate texture and a sweetness that I have not found from any other corn.

I can honestly say that Amaize is the best corn I have eaten (and that’s saying a lot coming from a guy whose job revolves around produce).

Amaize corn is the result of 22 years of development by George Crookham and Bruce Hobdey. The duo tested more than 10,000 varieties of corn before they found the perfect texture and sweetness. Amaize is bred through traditional hybridization methods and is not genetically modified.

Amaize is local, too! Grown exclusively for Lunds and Byerly’s by one of our local growers, Bert Bouwman, our Amaize corn is hand harvested to ensure the utmost quality. Located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, Bert’s farm takes great care from seed to harvest to bring us the very best corn available.

Looking for great recipes and cooking instructions? Check out the Amaize website.

My favorite way to cook Amaize is on the grill. I completely husk the corn, apply a little butter or oil, salt and pepper and then grill for just a couple of minutes on each side. The key to corn is to not overcook! Overcooking corn will cause it to be mushy and less flavorful. Just three or four minutes in boiling water or on the grill will do the trick!

For a real treat, sprinkle with some paprika and grated parmesan cheese just at the end until the cheese melts. Or use our Lunds and Byerly’s Corn on the Cob Seasoning – hickory smoked salt blended with garlic, pepper, onion and a touch of sugar to enhance the flavor of corn.
Let us know how you “Amaize” your friends and family this summer!

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