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Summer is here - make it active

by Steele Smiley, CEO, STEELE Fitness
Monday, July 2, 2012

Aren’t Minnesota summers the best? We wait so long for this great weather to arrive, so why not get your fill of it and stay active at the same time! Check out below for some of my favorites:

Paddle boarding on the lakes
SUP, or stand up paddle boarding, is one of today’s fastest growing watersports. It’s no surprise given that Minnesota has many lakes perfect for this type of activity. Plus, it’s a terrific workout for your core and certainly trains your balance. However, with boards ranging from $600+ to purchase, we suggest you try your hand at SUP by renting first. Check out Wheel Fun Rentals, where SUP rentals are only $16! Wheel Fun has a number of different rental locations ranging from Lake Calhoun right here in the cities to East Gull Lake up north!

Spring fitness tips from Steele Fitness

by Steele Smiley, CEO, STEELE Fitness
Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The onset of spring brings a wonderful, new energy to Minnesotans. Many are inspired to start walking around their neighborhoods, running around our plentiful lakes, or even begin training for a summer marathon! Although each person’s ability differs, it is important to keep the same concepts in mind when you’re getting out and getting active.

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