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Eat Local

Posted by by Colin Lyons, produce buyer
Monday, August 29, 2011

Consuming locally grown and produced foods is an increasingly popular trend in the grocery industry. Lunds and Byerly’s have always sourced local products and in recent years, we have focused our purchases more and more on local goods whenever possible. This means that when our customers walk into our stores, they increasingly have the choice to buy local.

Why buy local? Many people choose to buy local for many different reasons. Some like to keep the money they spend in the local economy. This means that their money is staying in the area in which they live, and will probably be spent in that local economy again by the grower or manufacturer. Other people like to buy local because more of the money they spend gets to the farmer and not into things like transportation costs and marketing. Normally a local farmer doing business directly with local stores will see a larger percentage of every dollar than going through large shippers that consolidate product.

My favorite part about buying local products is knowing exactly where my food is coming from. In our world today, it is very easy to purchase and consume food without ever knowing who grew or produced it, how far it traveled to get to you, and how the product was handled along the way. Buying local helps to eliminate this disconnect and get people more in touch with their food. There is something romantic about knowing the farm where your tomatoes or green peppers were grown, and being able to drive there yourself on a lazy afternoon.

We Minnesotans tolerate some very harsh weather in every season. Despite these conditions, our local growers work very hard to supply us with top quality produce year round! Be it local apples in the fall, potatoes and onions in the winter, scallions and rhubarb in the spring, or delicious sweet corn in the summer, you can always find our “EAT LOCAL” signs and products no matter what time of year. We are a Minnesota company supporting Minnesota growers and producers every day. Let’s keep it local!

Click here to learn more about our local growers >

What is your favorite local item?

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