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Enjoy spring’s first flowers: pansies

Posted by Susan Bachman West, executive director of perishable operations
Thursday, May 1, 2014

While we wait to get our hands truly dirty, pansy bowls are the perfect option to start embracing spring’s pending arrival because they’re not afraid of a little cold!

Grown locally, they’re hearty and can go outdoors now. Of course, if there’s an unexpected dramatic drop below about 25 degrees (not that uncommon for a Minnesota spring), move them inside for a while. Ultimately, this beautiful plant offers great color with minimal care, which is another bonus.

Care tips: Prune back dying flowers by clipping the entire length of stem back to the parent stem of the plant (also known as pinching back). This process also stimulates the plant to produce more flowers, instead of directing it toward seed generation in older blooms. Make sure to water your pansies regularly, as well as fertilize. If cared for properly, pansies will grow in a container for quite a long time.

Once the weather gets warmer, you can easily transfer the plant to your garden bed, though that’s not a requirement. (Just remember to pinch back regularly to encourage growth.) You can keep them growing in a container on your patio or other outdoor space as well. Either way, you’ll be thrilled with the fresh spring blooms!

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