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February is Cherry Month

Posted by Amy Fouks, bakery category manager
Thursday, February 13, 2014

February is National Cherry Month! Seems strange that a winter month would get such notoriety from a summer fruit, so I went to the internet to find out why…

Different sources have different theories, but the primary one seems that National Cherry Month is associated with the month of February because George Washington’s birthday is celebrated in February. He, of course, is known for the famous phrase “I cannot tell a lie father, it was I who cut down the cherry tree.” So cherries are forever associated with the ex-president and February is as good a month as any to celebrate this delicious fruit.

We all need a sweet, tangy pick-me-up this time of year anyway, right?

Cherries have terrific health benefits. Cherries are considered a “super fruit,” rich in anthocyanin’s, thought to reduce inflammation, and lower blood levels of uric acid, which accumulates in the joints causing pain associated with gout attacks. Trouble sleeping? Melatonin in tart cherries is a natural sleep aid.

It’s no wonder we love to pair cherries with fantastic bakery products – two fantastic things rolled into one.

Check out all the ways we incorporate cherries in our bakery department. You really can’t go wrong with any of these choices!

  • Cherry pie: The classic! Sweet cherries fill our all-butter pie crust. Absolutely delicious – available in whole pie, half pie or pie slices.
  • Black forest cake: Cut into rectangles or squares, cherries complement sweet chocolate sponge cake and whipped topping. Black forest is named after the liquor from the wooded mountain region in southwest Germany that’s often used in chocolate cherry cakes.
  • White chocolate pistachio cherry cookies: One of our newest cookie varieties.
  • Cherry donut holes: Only available this time of year! Sweet cherry bits complement our tasty donut holes.
  • Cherry pudding cake: Cherries wrapped in our moist pudding cake mix. Available in half and whole varieties.
  • Cherry chocolate meringue cookies: Our meringue cookies from Bistro Meringues!
  • Chocolate cherry gourmet coffeecake: Our gourmet coffee cake with cherries and chocolate. Scrumptious and pairs perfectly with a hot cup of coffee on a cold February morning!
  • Cherry Danish: Another core Danish variety.
  • Cherry cheesecake: Available from our pastry chefs, sometimes seen in their pastry cases. If it’s not out, they’d be happy to make you one!

What your favorite way to eat cherries? (My kids would say “on top of a sundae!”)

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