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First retailer in U.S. with first harvest of Monini olive oil

Posted by Steve Sorensen, senior category manager grocery, dairy and frozen
Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I’m really proud of my team here at Lunds and Byerly’s. Because of their hard work and expertise, Lunds and Byerly’s is the first retailer in the United States to have the first batch of Monini Monello olive oil. We succeeded in securing the first 100 cases out of Italy for the 2011-2012 harvest.

What makes this exclusive shipment of Monini olive oil so special is that it’s made from the first pressing of the fall harvest, giving it a unique taste you can only find from the first pick of the season. Many view this as Monini’s finest product because it’s bottled immediately after the first harvest to capture the extreme flavor and aroma of fresh squeezed olives.

Fragrance: intense aroma of green tomatoes, typical of certain areas of Italy
Flavor: fruity, fresh, grassy; lightly bitter and pungent; slightly spicy with clean almond aftertaste
Density: medium to high
Color: dark green
Acidity: below 0.4%
Suggestions: ideal for seasonal winter cuisine because of its rich olive taste

We are honored and proud to have received the very first cases of Monini olive oil in the United States, and I hope you enjoy the rich flavor as much as I do.

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