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Fish Can't Save Themselves

Posted by by Bea James, senior manager of organic, natural and sustainable programs
Monday, May 23, 2011

Responsibly SourcedOur seafood departments have been navigating toward offering more and more sustainable seafood choices and I’m proud to say that since 2005 we have made significant strides toward this goal. Currently, over 50 percent of the seafood we sell is from sustainable wild-caught and aquaculture fisheries. We call our sustainable seafood program “Responsibly Sourced” and where ever you see that name in our seafood department you know your fish choice has come from a sustainable wild or farmed fishery.

A fresh, and happy, tilapia from the sustainable aquaculture farm I visited in Ecuador.

Fish farming, also called aquaculture, is not quite the same as potato or corn farming, but like potato or corn farming it is a controlled way of managing a harvest. Aquaculture is the farming of freshwater and salt water seafood. It involves cultivating aquatic populations under controlled ponds or oceans conditions for harvest that will be consumed. Aquaculture sometimes gets a bad-wrap because it is a new developing science that has not been perfected, and some fish farms are not as sustainable as others. However, sustainable aquaculture is absolutely necessary to protect our natural fisheries while also meeting the ever-increasing demand for seafood throughout the world. Our seafood staff has gone through rigorous training to understand sustainably farmed and wild fish practices and they love to talk to customers about it, so don’t be shy when approaching the seafood counter in your favorite Lunds or Byerly’s.

More than 80 percent of the world’s fisheries are overfished, depleted or trying to recover from depletion, and world total demand for fish and fish products is projected to expand by almost 50 million tons to 183 million tons by 2015. Fish don’t say good bye when they leave, well…because they were never planning on leaving in the first place, but saying good bye it can be prevented by not buying or selling scarce varieties of fish. Knowing that fish can’t save themselves we’ve taken measures to help by removing several depleted fish from our seafood choices, such as Orange Roughy, Blue Fin Tuna, Chilean Sea Bass and Shark.

Learn more about our Responsibly Sourced seafood program >

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