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Focusing on your health and wellness

Posted by Janice Cox, RDN, LD, Lunds and Byerly’s Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist
Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hi again! Let me reintroduce myself – I’m Janice Cox, Registered Dietitian with Lunds and Byerly’s.

I’ve been here for 3 years and have had some great opportunities to meet many of you. Maybe we met individually, via a blog, a class or in the aisles. If our paths haven’t crossed yet, good to meet you!

I’m really excited to let you know we’re putting a fresh focus on health and wellness at Lunds and Byerly’s. No, the bakery isn’t going away! In fact it’s full of whole grain wonders, but that’s a topic for another day.

What we’re going to do is start offering you more opportunities to celebrate the goodness of healthful food! Stay tuned to my next blog posts – much more to come on that.

To kick off this increased health and wellness focus, I’m going to be in our stores talking about a variety of health-related topics. The topic for March is “Shopping with the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System.” Have you experienced NuVal yet? It’s a great tool to make choosing healthier food a breeze.

For our NuVal month, I’ll be doing grocery store tours in many of our stores, healthy cooking demos and sampling some of my favorite nutritious recipes. Please check the calendar for times and locations of where I’ll be – please join me!

Here’s to good health through a journey of wonderful food!

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