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New products hitting our shelves – Fresh Bars

Posted by by Colin Lyons, produce buyer
Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lunds and Byerly’s is a Minnesota business with deep roots in our great state. As such, we’re always proud to support our fellow local businesses.

In 2011, we met two brothers – identical twins – who were just starting their very own small business. They were sharing their product, a fresh nutrition bar, at a local food show put on by the community kitchen Kindred Kitchen.

Full of enthusiasm and energy, they presented GüdBar, a refrigerated, fresh nutrition bar unlike anything we had seen. It was uniquely soft, moist and tasty with real fresh fruit inside. As two snack-loving guys, they originally made the bar because they were fed up with other dry bars that seemed like they were made to be stored, not eaten. Thus, they made something fresh! We knew we had to give them a shot.

GüdBar hit store shelves March, 2012. Since then brothers Will and Ross, along with three of their childhood friends/co-owners Tom, Mike, and Austin have been weekend mainstays in our stores, sampling their fantastic snack and nutrition bar with shoppers who always leave with smiles.

In fall of 2012, Will, Ross, Tom, Mike and Austin saw an opportunity to rebrand their bars with more attractive packaging, three new flavors and a name that accurately describes the product inside. They decided to change the name to Fresh Bar and start over under a new company name: Five Friends Food. We were proud to stick with them throughout this change.

With their hard work, GüdBar became Fresh Bar just last month! Flavors include apple banana almond raisin, pumpkin carrot pecan, chocolate peanut butter banana, and cherry pear walnut.

Fresh Bars are great for snacking, breakfast, workouts or even dessert. They come in packs of three and can be found in the fresh juice section in the produce department of all 22 Lunds and Byerly’s stores.

I urge you to find these locally produced bars and give them a try, just like we did! Let me know what you think!

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