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Fudge even grandma will be proud of

Posted by Amy Fouks, bakery category manager
Thursday, December 5, 2013

Between parties, kid’s events, work, and shopping, there’s only a little time left to make those traditional Christmas goodies you remember from the past. I can handle baking a few cookies and assembling the gingerbread house with the kids, but when it comes to finding a candy thermometer and determining what’s a soft-ball or a hard-crack or thread, that’s where my expertise (and patience) comes to an end.

I’m sorry Grandma – I can’t make fudge from scratch!

Instead, I know just the place to find fudge that’s been lovingly made in a variety of scrumptious flavors - Lunds and Byerly’s. 

Our brand new fudge is available to purchase in a single square (1/4 lb.) at the bakery service counters or you’ll find it prepackaged by the pound in our cute new “to-go” boxes. These are festive, fun and easy to take along as a hostess gift. Available in four delicious flavors this holiday season.

  • Chocolate: this is the traditional favorite – creamy, rich and smooth.
  • Chocolate walnut: it’s the traditional chocolate topped with tons of walnuts. You can’t take a bite without getting a nice crunch of walnut with the smooth chocolate.
  • Praline: vanilla fudge surrounds a thick layer of praline, topped with decorative waves of caramel. Sweet and delicious.
  • Red Velvet: red and white swirled together with the chocolate fudge flavors. Festive and fun!

Tradition upheld without the all that work – what a time saver!

Be sure to watch our bakeries after the holidays when we introduce a few more flavors to try!

Do you have any favorites varieties we should take a look at baking?

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