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Get to know: Bobby D’s Pasta Sauce

Posted by Steve Sorensen, senior category manager grocery, dairy and frozen
Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We’re starting a new segment on our blog introducing you to our local products. We’ll start off with Bobby D’s Pasta Sauce. This local sauce has become one of our latest favorites.

I was at a food show in Connecticut when I stumbled across Bobby D’s sauce. I tasted the sauce and then struck up a conversation, not knowing they were from Minnetonka. Funny, I had to travel to New England to find a pasta sauce from Minnesota.

I like the sauce and I also like the family history instilled in Bobby D’s story:

Bobby D’s Pasta sauce is the brain child of Robert DeChellis, a first generation Italian-American who has a passion for sauce! Along with his wife, Tiffany, Bobby has put family and tradition into his sauces, creating an all-natural, sweeter, smoother sauce.

As a first-generation Italian-American, Bobby learned the traditional art of Italian cooking and the value of family dinners.

According to Bobby, “I spent countless hours chopping onions, peeling garlic and straining tomatoes for the sole purpose of making my mother’s red sauce. I continued this tradition as an adult, taking every opportunity to share her love of Italian cooking with family and friends.”

Bobby D’s uses domestically grown, grade number one, vine-ripened tomatoes from Modesto, California. The tomatoes are picked and packed within 6 hours of harvest. The seeds are then removed along with the stem and skin to reduce acidity to produce a smooth, naturally sweet sauce.

Bobby D’s was founded on a mission to bring this sauce into the homes of people who appreciate uncompromising commitment to a quality product. Four generations after the red sauce was first made in Naples, Italy, Bobby D’s continues the tradition of producing delicious sauces while creating memories through the simple act of sharing a meal.

So if you need something to warm you up (now that Minnesota winters are back), try sharing something local and steeped in tradition.

Buon Appetito!

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