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Lunds and Byerly’s Wild Rice Soup

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our soup recipe originated in the early ‘80s in the Byerly’s St. Paul deli. It was produced in small batches and packaged in mason jars. Lunds also made a wild rice soup, albeit a slightly different recipe with both white and wild rice and chicken. A few years after Lunds and Byerly’s merged, we consolidated our wild rice soups and the Byerly’s version became standard in our delis.

This thick, home-style soup is chef crafted and produced by our team of expert soup kettle cooks. It’s made in batches considered small compared to large industrial soup manufacturers, which allows us to develop the character, nuances and depth of flavor that can only be achieved by craft-style production methods. We taste every batch and test for viscosity (thickness) and flavor characteristics that guarantee our customers will enjoy our soup each and every time. Learn more about Lunds and Byerlyl's Wild Rice Soup from our executive chef, Peter Kuhr.

Enjoy our take on a classic Minnesota favorite!

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