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New artisan breads are hot, tasty and on our shelves

Posted by Amy Fouks, bakery category manager
Friday, October 19, 2012

Let’s imagine for a second the bread of your dreams.

Picture a crisp crust that takes the bread knife a couple of passes to push through, with the soft moist interior bursting with flavor. Think of the cuts made through the dough before it was baked are now puffed up and curled outward and the tips are browned to beautiful dark brown. Imagine yourself popping that bread in your oven for just a couple minutes to get that steam rising up and it’s now sitting on your dinner plate beside a plate of pasta topped with your favorite robust tomato sauce.

Wow, what an imagination you have! Thank goodness you can satisfy your fresh craving for delicious bread at our bakeries.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to check-out a few of the recent changes we’ve made with our artisan breads. Some of our tasty changes include:

  • We’ve introduced a “Bread of the Day” program – a different variety of bread is available each day of the week. Check out a couple of the new varieties: Cranberry Orange is the Friday Bread of the Day, and sure to be a new favorite will be Saturday’s Apricot White Chocolate Chunk (you’ve got to try this one)! Our Bread of the Day varieties are featured every day at $3.99 so you know you’re getting a great value for a fantastic product.

  • We improved our Traditional French Baguette. It’s now 16 oz. – a 30% increase from the previous size! We also brought the price down (that’s right – DOWN) to $2.99. We rounded the ends just a bit (so there’s not as much wasted bread), softened up the insides and added just a touch of rye to enhance the flavor profile.

    Our bakery chefs have done a lot of taste-testing at the stores and we’re positive this is the best baguette in town. Our “Warm Baguette at 5pm or it’s Free” program is going strong, so be sure to swing by and pick one up on your way home for dinner tonight. 

  •  With the cooler weather coming, you can’t beat one of our smaller bread boules (either sourdough or harvest grain) hollowed out and filled with our creamy, hot Lunds and Byerly’s Wild Rice Soup inside. That’s true Minnesota comfort food at its best.

  • Try some of our sweet varieties of bread as a breakfast treat – toast them and then top with a pat of butter or pull out the eggs and milk and dip the slices for some fantastic French toast.

We aim to have the best-tasting, freshest artisan bread available every single day! Visit us soon to give our new breads a try.

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