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Our Trip to Greece

Posted by by Katie Swenson, deli manager, Lunds Central
Thursday, August 11, 2011

Greece! Wow, what an amazing country! I had the opportunity to go there this past fall to visit the olive groves and production facilities to see how olives supplied to our stores are grown, picked and processed.

One of the most exciting experiences on this trip was visiting the Kafalas Village in Sparta, Greece. During our visit to this quaint little village I was able to meet the people that grow the Kafalas Village Kalamon Olives. It’s a family tradition to work in the olive groves, and this was most definitely a close nit group. We met one man who has worked in the groves his whole life and now his son and granddaughter work with him, too. 

The Kalamon Olives are harvested by hand. The workers climb into the trees and hand-pick every single olive. The picking process is done three times each season to ensure every olive is picked at perfect ripeness. I was lucky enough to help pick some of these olives and they have now arrived in the United States!

The Kafalas Village Kalamon Olives are beautifully dark and plump. They taste amazing and are here exclusively at Lunds and Byerly’s for a limited time! Visit any of our stores and have a taste of authentic Greek Kalamon Olives harvested just for you. The taste will wow you and you’ll be waiting every year for these olives to return!

To learn more about our visit to Greece, click here.

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