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Reduce your pet’s carbon footprint this Earth Day

Posted by Amanda Esler, pet specialist at Byerly's Ridgedale
Friday, April 20, 2012

There are many ways to make our planet cleaner. I invite you to bring your dog and join me at the Walk for Water at Minnehaha Park Minneapolis this Earth day. Our pet area at Byerly’s Ridgedale will sponsor an eco-themed canine prize package, which you can enter to win when you and your dog pledge to help keep water cleaner.

We can all help make this a healthier, cleaner place to live. People have a large impact on the Earth, but have you ever thought about how your dog or cat care can affect it? One very important way is to pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of it properly. While some dogs may produce healthy waste, it can still end up in our storm sewers, degrading our water quality.

It’s also important to use environmentally friendly and natural cat litters. Many of these litters can be composted or even flushed safely. Two brand names we carry are even made by local companies: World’s Best Cat Litter (Iowa) and SwheatScoop (right here in Minnesota).

Other Minnesota-based pet product companies available at Byerly’s Ridgedale:

  • Sojos (Pet food and Treats)
  • Natural Planet Organics (Pet Food and Treats)
  • Wapiti Labs (Supplements and Antler Chews)
  • SwheatScoop (Cat Litter)
  • Espana Silk (Grooming Products)
  • DuckyWorld (Cat Toys)
  • Halo Lites (Safety Lights for your leash, pet collar, or yourself)
  • Wild Delight (wild bird food)

When it comes to your pet products, try lowering the impact they have on the Earth and your pet. Here are some questions to think about next time you're shopping: 

  • Is this product made locally?
  • Does this product come in a biodegradable packaging? 
  • Is this product made from natural, organic, or free raised ingredients?
  • Can I buy this product where I already am shopping?
  • Is this product made from natural, recycled, or recyclable material (pet beds made from recycled plastic bottles)?

Have a great Earth Day!

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