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Six New Lunds and Byerly’s Creations – check ‘em out!

Posted by by Julie Griffin, director of Lunds and Byerly's products
Friday, November 9, 2012

We’re constantly creating new, extraordinary products for our customers! Our team of research and development chefs, led by executive chef Peter Kuhr, is always in the kitchen creating the next mouth-watering dish under the Lunds and Byerly’s name.

Last year, we launched 25 Lunds and Byerly’s products. We’ve created 20 products so far this year! Below, you’ll find a list of 6 products we recently came out with, along with their locations in our stores. Enjoy our newest creations!

1. Lunds and Byerly’s Bakery Flatbreads

WHAT: This is our new line of all-natural, crisp flatbreads. All three tasty flavors are low in calories, made with healthy oils and are trans-fat free. Varieties include: Seeded, Whole Grain and Rosemary. We looked at many flatbreads and conducted taste test to come up with the flatbreads we are offering.

WHERE: Bakery and deli departments

2. Lunds and Byerly’s Cherry Mustard

WHAT: An exciting new addition to our Lunds and Byerly’s mustard collection. The sweet, dark cherries meld with the mustard tang to create a sensational flavor topper for meats and sandwiches. We developed the cherry mustard after numerous customer requests for the signature cherry mustard used on our deli ham and Brie sandwich. Delicious stirred into chicken salad or potato salad for a burst of flavor.

WHERE : Next to the existing Lunds and Byerly’s mustards in the condiment aisle

3. Lunds and Byerly’s Granola

WHAT: We’ve added two new varieties to our Lunds and Byerly’s granola collection: Honey Nut and Triple Berry. We took the best-selling breakfast cereal flavor, Honey Nut Cheerios, and turned it into a more nutritious, better tasting, granola cereal. Triple Berry offers our customer all-natural granola crunch with delicious berry taste. Our granola contains no cholesterol, sodium, or high-fructose corn syrup. Quick and easy recipes are featured on the back of the bags. The heavy-weight bags are re-sealable for freshness.

WHERE: With the existing Lunds and Byerly’s granolas in the cereal aisle

4. Lunds and Byerly’s Salsa

WHAT: Two new flavors added to our outstanding Lunds and Byerly’s salsa collection. Did you know we well more salsa than ketchup? We are introducing a new salsa loaded with black beans that add a soft note to a spicy blend of tomato, roasted corn, onion, garlic and chilies. The second new flavor offers our best-selling Roasted Corn Salsa in a milder version which is perfect for the Minnesota palate. Flavors: Corn & Black Bean and Mild Fire Roasted Corn.

WHERE: Next to the existing Lunds and Byerly’s salsas in the condiment aisle

5. Lunds and Byerly’s Grill Sauce

WHAT: A delicious sauce featuring notes of smoky sweetness with a just-pulled-from-the-open-pit flavor. This extraordinary combination of great ingredients includes brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, molasses and balsamic vinegar, along with natural smoke flavor. It is so versatile, you can use this as a dipping sauce for fries and vegetables, as well as an add-in to baked beans and basting sauce for grilled corn.

WHERE: Next to the existing Lunds and Byerly’s grill sauces in the condiment aisle

6. Lunds and Byerly’s Tartar Sauce

WHAT: A perfect new complement for our fresh seafood selections. Our new Lunds and Byerly’s tartar sauce is all-natural and includes tangy olives and capers which enhance the delicious, thick mayonnaise base.

WHERE: Next to the existing Lunds and Byerly’s cocktail sauces in the condiment aisle

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