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Spooktacular Halloween treats

Posted by Sarah Lukemire (Miss CandiQuik), Log House Foods, Inc.
Friday, October 25, 2013

By this time of year, leaves are falling off the trees and Halloween-themed treats are most likely filling your Pinterest boards, Facebook feeds, and trips down every aisle in the grocery store.

To help spark your Halloween treat ideas, I thought we’d share a few of our own homemade treats, all of which can be made in a matter of minutes! These would all be great for a Halloween party, a fun edible craft or just to celebrate the fall season!

Strawberry Ghosts


  • 1 (16 oz.) package vanilla CandiQuik candy coating
  • 24 fresh strawberries
  • Handful of mini chocolate chips


  1. Melt CandiQuik in tray according to directions on package.
  2. Place a large piece of wax or parchment paper on a flat surface.
  3. Dip strawberries in melted CandiQuik coating, remove and allow the excess coating to pour off onto the wax paper to form the "tail" of the ghost; slide the strawberry back and set on wax paper to dry. You want to give the strawberry a healthy dip in the vanilla CandiQuik coating for a sizeable tail.
  4. Before coating has set, place two mini chocolate chips on as the eyes. For the mouth, cut off the tip of a mini chocolate chip and place on the strawberry with the bottom side facing up.

Amount: 24 ghosts
Total time: 45 minutes

Homemade Halloween Cupcake Toppers
Don’t worry, these are easier than they look! We’ve included a printout for you to trace while using the CandiQuik to pipe! Lunds and Byerly’s has freshly baked cupcakes that you can personalize with these edible designs!


  • 1 package vanilla CandiQuik candy coating
  • Cupcakes


  1. Melt vanilla CandiQuik coating in tray according to package directions.
  2. Pour melted CandiQuik into a piping bag or a plastic bag with a tiny hole snipped off of one corner (a quart-sized freezer bag works best).
  3. Print out your bat, spider web or cat shapes to help with the tracing. Place a large piece of wax paper on a flat surface and place your printout of shapes underneath.
  4. Begin tracing the shapes with the CandiQuik; outline first and fill in after.
  5. Allow shapes to set completely. Once set, peel shapes away from wax paper and press lightly on top of cupcakes. Feel free to add your favorite frosting to cupcakes before adding chocolate shapes.

Apple Pie Caramel Apples
The name says it all. I like to cut these into slices, making them clean and easy to eat! Trust me, you’ll want more than one!


  • Lollipop sticks (or Popsicle sticks)
  • 4-5 green apples (I used 4 medium Granny Smith apples)
  • 1 (11 oz.) bag caramel bits (or caramels)
  • 8 oz. vanilla CandiQuik candy coating
  • Cinnamon-sugar (for sprinkling)


  1. Line a baking sheet with wax paper and spray with nonstick cooking spray.
  2. Spear each apple with a lollipop stick.
  3. Melt caramel bits in a saucepan over low heat as directed on package.
  4. Dip each apple in melted caramel and place on prepared wax paper.
  5. Place apples in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  6. Melt vanilla CandiQuik in tray according to package directions.
  7. Dip each caramel apple in melted coating and return to wax paper.
  8. Sprinkle with cinnamon-sugar.

These can keep refrigerated for up to 5 days. Cut into slices for easy serving!

Amount: 4 apples
Total Time: 1 hour

Find more recipes, tips and tutorials at the CandiQuik blog!

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