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The 2012 Olympic Games are here!

Posted by Amy Fouks, bakery category manager
Friday, July 27, 2012

The summer Olympics are back again! We’re going to decorate my house in red, white and blue and start cheering on team USA! I can’t wait to see what London has in store for us this year.

It’s fun to watch all the exciting events and I anticipate that my kids will want to try their own version of the games in the backyard. It will be great to turn this year’s games into a learning experience for them – learning about both the athletic events as well as the countries. What better way to teach them about the different cultures and people around the globe than when they’re all together competing? We’ve still got an old globe and I have a feeling we’ll be using it!

Our Patriotic Pie

Our bakeries have red, white and blue products available throughout the Olympics so you can celebrate here while they’re celebrating in London. If you’re going to have an Olympic-themed party next week, I suggest trying our Mini Spritz Cookies or brownie bites in the patriotic colors. They’re great for snacking on or you could get really creative and make an American flag display with the colors.

Brownie Bite Platter

We also have lots of USA themed cakes and cupcakes to honor our favorite team! Ask our bakery staff for special designs or messages for your party or family Olympic gathering. Besides, you’ve got to have a sweet treat as you watch the opening ceremonies.

I’m already working on my meal-planning for that timeframe as well - lasagna with Italian sausage, chicken enchiladas, fish and chips, Pad Thai, gyros and of course, our favorite Lunds and Byerly’s brats. Maybe even a breakfast of Circle Cinnamon French Toast with real maple syrup and Canadian bacon! My family’s favorites aren’t as exotic as the Olympics, but we can still have fun with it. I’ve got to take the meal-planning inspiration wherever I can get it!

So, you’ll know where to find me in the coming weeks. I’ll be stationed in front of the television and computer taking in all the events and waving my little American flag! Go team USA!

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