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The New Royal Rib Roast

Posted by by Michael Selby, executive chef
Wednesday, November 7, 2012

With the holidays quickly approaching, there’s a certain excitement in the air as roasting pans make their annual comeback in home kitchens. The aromas from an afternoon roast that permeate through the kitchen, down the hall and eventually the whole house, are simple signs of the season and subtle whispers of anticipation for the holidays.

Of all the traditional oven-roasted options, I believe there is one stand alone, classic and crown jewel piece of meat that has a special place in every Midwesterners’ heart: beef rib roast of course!

More commonly referred to as prime rib, its history dates back thousands of years and was once reserved for royalty and winners of ancient duels. Many believe that during the peak of the British Empire, prime rib was the first and only true main stay on the royal menu that was then called “Sunday dinner.”

In the coming weeks, we’ll be taking orders for a very unique and extremely easy-to-prepare rib roast that will be offered in our meat departments. This is a limited supply item and is sure to be a hit on every holiday table it lands on. Your home might even turn into the next famous steakhouse!

We take our exclusive Double R Ranch premium choice beef and gently scent it with select local spices. It’s “wet aged” in-house for 20 days in olive oil. Our Royal Rib Roast is then cut to order in our stores by our skilled meat cutters. The marinade, prepared with a blend of hand-picked whole and coarse ground spices, is intentionally light and floral so it acts as an aromatic rather than a heavy seasoning. This purifies the aging process and allows the quality of our beef to shine.

Inspired by some of the oldest recipes to date, this roast is an absolute throw back to the way prime rib used to be: cooked from scratch with no artificial preservatives or mystery solutions. The simple marriage of quality beef and perfectly balanced spices is what makes this rib roast spectacular.

Executive Chef MIchael Selby in the test kitchen developing our new Royal Rib Roast.

Line by line cooking instructions are included with each roast; cooking time varies by size. After pulling it from the oven, carefully make vertical cuts between each bone to yield monster sized rib steaks. From that point, steaks can either be cut off the bone and sliced thin or served “Renaissance style” as is. I highly recommend a great horseradish sauce to pair with your new roast.

Three sizes will be available and are appropriately named: King (15-20 servings), Queen (8-12 servings) and Princess (4-6 servings). Each size comes to you raw, aged, seasoned and completely “oven ready.” Placing your order in person is preferred as you’ll be receiving an order confirmation card, but you’re welcome to call your nearest Lunds or Byerly’s and order by phone. Enjoy your Royal Rib Roast and have a happy holiday season!

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