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The Secret to a Sensational Shopping Experience?

Posted by by Susan Stillman, bakery category manager
Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What is the secret of creating a sensational shopping experience?

Being a team member of Lunds and Byerly’s for 23 years, sometimes our level of service and quality is taken for granted. I am surrounded by it every day, so have I become immune? Have I forgotten what it is all about?

I had the privilege of visiting a standout deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Zingerman’s Deli is just a shoebox of a deli on the University of Michigan campus, but conceptually, a giant among food retailers. It encompasses the body, mind and spirit of what we at Lunds and Byerly’s try to achieve every day. How could I have possibly forgotten? This little deli in Michigan rekindled that passion.

What is this body, mind, and spirit concept? Let’s take it step by step.

  • Body: Everywhere you turn fresh, locally grown, fabulously superior quality foods. The merchandising and store displays are incredibly inviting.
  • Mind: Educated, knowledgeable Foodies in each and every one of their team members. They are eager to share this knowledge with their customers.
  • Spirit: Energy and fun radiates from every fiber of their deli, it is contagious and customers “catch” it from the sales associates. You feel this energy immediately when you enter their deli.

They teased us mercilessly about being from Minne-sooo-ta and were so eager to share with us their passion of local favorites. They invited us to sample at least a dozen items before we made our shopping decisions. They answered our never-ending questions. We were delighted.

I now head back to my Twin Cities’ favorite shopping grounds. Expectations heightened, passion rekindled, ready to renew and strengthen this in our own hometown Lunds and Byerly’s.


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