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Tips to feeding your outdoor feathered friends

Posted by Amanda Esler, pet specialist at Byerly's Ridgedale
Friday, March 30, 2012

Did you know feeding/attracting the wild birds in your backyard may have its benefits? This actually helps you and the birds. When you attract the beautiful wild birds to your backyard, they provide great entertainment and education to you, your children or grandchildren. Not only is it fun to become a birdwatcher, but the birds you attract are eating insects in the area around your yard. If there’s a good food supply in your yard for the birds, they’ll be healthy and stay close by nesting nearby. The stronger the wild bird population, the lower number of insects and the fewer pesticides will be needed to control the insect population.

I remember as a kid watching the birds out the window of my Grandfather’s cabin. He would attract birds of all types with different feeders and foods. At the time, I didn’t think much about why he had so many different bird feeders; I simply remember it was part of the chores each weekend to make sure they were full so the birds had enough to eat. I now know the feeders were different because various birds find their food in different ways and eat different foods. For example, some birds are more attracted to nuts and berries, while others thrive on seeds.

Now I hang feeders to attract the birds, remembering the great appreciation for nature my Grandfather passed down to me. Feeding the birds also means feeding the grey squirrels, which are great entertainment for our dogs as they are always fogging up the kitchen window watching them eat from the feeders.

Tips for your own bird feeders: 

  •  Experiment - try filling your feeders with different blends of bird seeds. We carry Wild Delight seed in our pet area at Byerly’s Ridgedale.
  • Go nuts - Attract a broader, more colorful selection of birds using a food blend with more fruits and nuts.
  • Clean your garden - create less waste on your garden floor below the feeders using the Wild Delight blends. Many are made to have less waste because they make the blends with ingredients birds desire most and without shells.
  • Don’t just feed the birds – try helping with their nests, too. If you have a dog, try brushing it near your feeders or trees and leave some fur in the yard to give birds soft nesting material.

I urge you experiment just like I did and purchase a couple different blends of the Wild Delight seeds. You can feel good with Wild Delight outdoor pet foods because they’re made from high quality ingredients to help keep bird healthy and coming back for more and they’re also a Minnesota company.

Discover new species of birds you haven’t seen in your yard before. Do this together with your children or grandchildren – they’ll love learning about the new birds and will appreciate the time spent together, just like I did with my Grandfather. What are your favorite types of birds to watch? How do you attract them?

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