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Valentine's Day ideas for couples, singles and friends

Posted by Amanda Schwartz, catering specialist
Friday, February 8, 2013

February can be a tough month. With temperatures plummeting below freezing, credit card bills still looming from December and tax season just around the corner, it’s easy to lose heart about another holiday.

Nevertheless, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate with your loved ones and forget about any winter stresses! This holiday need not be about expensive restaurants and flashy gifts. According to a statistic I recently saw, 82% of people said they’d rather receive an experience than a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Our recommendation for 2013? Avoid the cold and the crowds and stay in! We are convinced that home is where the heart is. Whether you are celebrating romance or friendship, with family or by yourself, these creative stay-at-home ideas will save you money and have you looking through rose-colored lenses the rest of the month!

For couples:
Rather than scouring the city to find the perfect restaurant, create a true 5-star experience in your own home. Set a romantic atmosphere with low lighting and candles. Play your own music—choose songs that will personalize the evening and remind you both of this moment years down the road. Then get smitten in the kitchen with your date! Build intimacy by creating a meal together, or take turns making courses for each other.

Should you need a little help, our catering team is here to help! Our gourmet Valentine’s Dinner for 2 is available for purchase February 13-16 so you can take the stress out of cooking and still feel like a chef! Our 3-course meal consists of a Honey-Poached Apple Salad, Lobster Macaroni and Cheese with Mini Beef Wellingtons, and a Peach Cobbler dessert with Raspberry Whipped Cream. This meal is a steal at $59.00 for two people. It’s available for pick-up and delivery through Lunds and Byerly's Catering. Orders must be placed by February 11th.

For singles:
Instead of celebrating this holiday as a romantic one, Kate Christensen, writer for, has suggested that we “recast Valentine's Day as a food holiday celebrating community and friendship.” Why not pour your heart out amongst friends and host a homemade wine tasting? Invite guests to bring over a bottle of their favorite wine, then provide a variety of chocolates and cheeses for pairing. At the least, everyone will leave with some new suggestions. At best, maybe even a few new phone numbers!

For friends:
Follow the trend set by NBC’s TV series Parks and Recreation and celebrate Galentine’s Day with a close group of girlfriends. Plan a potluck meal and show your appreciation for all the gals by sharing heartfelt Valentines with each other as you would with a loved one.

For yourself:
Be your own valentine! Whether you’re single or coupled, this day is an excuse to show appreciation for those you love, including yourself. Disconnect from your social network, too—turn off your phone, unplug your computer and attend to yourself however you see fit. Focus on just you for an entire evening.

However you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we hope you have a special day and treat yourself to something sweet!

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