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What is the Very Best Item in Our Bakery?

Posted by by Susan Stillman, bakery category manager
Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yes, I know it’s a terribly hard job, interacting with our incredibly talented bakery team and eating fabulous pastries! Over the years many have asked me, “what is the best thing in your bakery?” I have five incredible favorites to share with you, guaranteed not to disappoint, a delight in your mouth every step of the way.

Haralson Apple Pie: First there was pie…and then there was our Haralson Apple Pie, all natural ingredients, a flaky buttery crust using several pounds of these fantastic apples. Believe it or not, we worked closely with the University of Minnesota and their apple community on this. It is a sure crowd pleaser making you a hero because you brought “the” pie.

Kringle: Layers and layers of buttery dough, almond filling, baked to perfection, topped with almonds and sugar. This signature recipe was developed at our former Lunds New Hope Bakeshop from authentic Scandinavian bakers.

Killer Brownies®: We discovered this one in Ohio, from our friends at Dorothy Lane Markets, who shared their secret recipe with us. We are the only ones in the Twin Cities to offer this sinfully decadent brownie, loaded with caramel, pecans and rich chocolate. Try all five different varieties!

All Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies: The success of this cookie really comes down to texture. This one has the perfect tender interior with slightly crispy edges. Loaded with chocolate chips with a rich buttery flavor. Yes, they are kind of big, but I bet you can’t eat just one!

And finally….

Circle Cinnamon Bread: Recently just improved, you’ll find this loaded with incredible cinnamon flavor and even more tender than you remember. It is offered in a full pound loaf, or by popular request, a half loaf.

Oh, and by the way, we do have the best cakes in town. So, the next time you’re shopping at your favorite Lunds and Byerly’s, treat yourself. You deserve it!

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