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Victoria Island Farms Asparagus

Posted by by Colin Lyons, produce buyer
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Located in the San Joaquin river valley in California, Victoria Island asparagus has been family run for nearly fifty years. The name of the farm refers to the section, or “island”, of the delta surrounded on all sides by flowing water. Formerly a river bed, the land has rich soil with a high level of peat. This, combined with a high pH level, makes for an ideal location for growing fine quality asparagus.

All of the Victoria Island Farms fields lay within a three mile radius of their packing facility and they maintain complete control over the production, cutting, packing and shipping of every bunch. With this complete control, Victoria Island offers a consistently fresh and flavorful product, every time. Victoria Island asparagus is available from mid-February to mid-May. Look for it exclusively in your local Lunds or Byerly’s store.

Did you know that 40 million years ago one of the largest meteors every found slammed into the San Joaquin valley? Measuring 5.5 kilometers in diameter, this meteor presently sits nearly one mile below the fields of Victoria Island Farms. So that’s why it tastes out of this world!

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