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Vine over Matter

Posted by by Bill Belkin, wine and spirits category manager
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just read on the Internet that one of my favorite family-owned, fourth generation California wineries was purchased by a larger corporation. Many of the “so called” experts who have already weighed in blog wise – are doing so negatively – calling for a death knell to begin for this great property.

They cite examples of past gobblings by the likes of Constellation and Diageo (the first and third largest drinks companies in the world) and what tragedies have befallen their once acquired great labels. NOT TRUE FOLKS! It is popular opinion that some wines have languished under corporate ownership – but much of what is being said is not factual. IF you like a wine, keep drinking it. IF you don’t like a wine, stop buying it – there are hundreds of other choices which your capable wine manager will only be too happy to help you find. But don’t be a naysayer about corporate ownership. These folks who sold out have been doing this for a hundred years! Give them a break and the big money! The wines will be just fine thank you…

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