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Wedding Date of the Century!

Posted by by Susan Stillman, bakery category manager
Monday, October 17, 2011

What’s one of the biggest and most popular wedding dates in 2011?  11-11-11

Still don’t have your cake, why not stop in where you shop?

The most important element of any wedding is the cake! It is the centerpiece of your wedding reception. We welcome the opportunity to design and craft a wedding cake that will reflect your good taste and new life as a couple.

Did you happen to catch the Lunds and Byerly’s booth down at the Minneapolis Convention Center last week?

Lunds and Byerly’s are one of the largest sponsors of the Twin Cities Bridal Association’s ‘The Wedding Fair’. At their October 9th fair we sampled 4,800 pieces of cake. We ‘wowed’ our guests with the best tasting and most innovative designs on their show floor. We will be showing our cakes again at the January 15th Wedding Fair.

For your convenience almost each one of our Lunds and Byerly’s stores has a bakery with a talented and experienced pastry chef and/or decorator. Each of these artists go through a specially designed apprentice program. We also have a master chef program. To date we have five master chefs. I am very proud of the investment and commitment that Lunds and Byerly’s have given their associates. Our cakes and pastries reflect this commitment each and every day, for every occasion.

We give expert consultations and have a full variety of cake, icings and fillings to choose from. We also deliver for a small fee so its hassle and worry free. Don’t forget about our Kosher pareve, dairy free options too.

We are honored to help you with any special occasion cake; birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, groom’s dinner, anniversaries, children’s parties, business events and more.

Check out these wonderful creations from our last Wedding Fair:


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