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Wine: What you don't know MAY hurt you

Posted by by Bill Belkin, wine and spirits category manager
Tuesday, July 12, 2011

During my recent trip to wine country I was struck many times by an old adage that really needed no reinforcement…”you get what you pay for…”

Time and time again I tasted new Cabernet Sauvignon’s that are popping up on the radar – many of whom are brandishing very inexpensive (read under $15) retail price tags. This pricing policy falls in line with the prevailing opinions that while the economy is strengthening, so has the anti-free spending resolve of wine lovers everywhere.

Well folks, grapes planted in choice vineyard sites, that are overseen by the best viticulturists and then hand harvested and aged in the best new French Oak barrels all still cost a lot of money, and it’s these wines that everyone will be lining up to buy for the special occasions in their lives.

If you really cannot tell the difference on your tongues between the $10 wine and the $50 hand crafted wines, well you just saved $40! That’s great! Use that for 10 gallons of gasoline! If you can, however discern the difference, then you still need to look towards the special wines made by passionate people!

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