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Wines and spirits holiday gift-giving guide

Posted by by Bill Belkin, wine and spirits category manager
Monday, December 17, 2012

Who wants Four Calling Birds anyway?

For this year’s 12 days of Christmas, how about some great gift ideas that will have you and the recipients smiling all year round? Sure, stores will sell tons of Bailey’s and Crown Royal these next few weeks, but let’s add in a little creativity.

Get that host or hostess exactly what they like. Zero in on your boss’ favorite single malt Scotch. And that nosy neighbor? You know the ones. They always seem to know just what’s going on inside your home… well we’ve got something for them, too!

Here’s my unofficial wines and spirits gift-giving guide:

Wine and Spirits gift for mom, dad and college student

For mom: Let’s face it, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for mom, so let’s reward the sweetness she has with Rum Chata! This has a great richness and a hint of spice. It’s almost like a rum flavored ice cream bar dipped in a light cinnamon frosting! How good does that sound?

For dad: When dad curls up on the couch to watch that favorite Clint Eastwood western for the 500th time, why not let him do it with a great glass of small batch Bourbon? Try Buffalo Trace - with a name like that, you know it’s right from Kentucky, where Bourbon should be made!

For the college kids (over 21): Why would I have a section for these folks? The answer is simple: they have their favorites too. And in most cases it’s not a Bud or Miller anymore. You see the craft beer frenzy is in full force. Try something local, like a craft beer from our friends at Badger Hill – Minnesota Special Bitter or Lucid’s Cammo Ale. For St. Paulites (like me) try anything from Flat Earth. These are honest to goodness micro brews.

For that special auntie: She tolerates the drier stuff, but she really still prefers the sweet stuff. Think of all those sloppy kisses. Sweet aren’t they? Anyway, a bottle of Kopke Ruby Port will insure that you are in her will!

For uncle “everything is a sports metaphor”: Try out the new Crown Royal Maple. He’ll wonder why it tastes the way it does. Tell him because the distiller hit a grand slam and tossed a little syrup in the vat!

For the boss: We have to be a little careful here. Too extravagant and they’ll wonder if they are paying you too much. Too chintzy and you’re not promotable. Now if you get them a bottle of the Textbook Napa Cabernet from California, they’ll know you know your wines (and it won’t break the bank). Talk to any of our store managers for the back story.

For that “friendly” neighbor: Bring them a Black Box wine – something like a Malbec or a Shiraz. They’re a good quality, but very reasonably priced. They’ll get four bottles worth of wine in a box; that’ll keep them busy for a while.

And don’t forget something for yourself for gosh sake! For those quiet times when you’re flying solo or having rare alone time with your special someone, you need something to pop open. Nothing says pop better than Champagne and for that flavor and lasting impression, you simply have to try Bollinger’s Special Cuvee. Aromas of biscuit and fresh dough all framed around a full-bodied goodness that splashes thousands of micro bubbles around on your tongue. You will smile well into 2013!

Happy holidays!

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