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Your guide to local cheeses

Posted by Daphne Meyer, cheese specialist at Lunds Edina
Thursday, May 16, 2013

I find myself enjoying this time of year; the weather is really nice and Minnesotans are finally making their way out of hibernation to simply be outside and soak up that vitamin D. I always enjoy having a picnic outside and one of my favorite things to bring to the picnic is cheese.

There are a lot of choices out there, but I like to look for local cheeses from the area and support our farmers. There are so many options at our stores, but here are a few of my favorite farmers and their cheeses:

  • Carr Valley located in La Valle, WI: I really enjoy their cranberry chipotle cheddar. Everyone likes cheddar, but the hint of cranberries and chipotle flavor has a perfect balance of sweet and savory.
  • AmaBlu located in Faribault, MN: St. Pete’s Select blue cheese is deliciously creamy with a piquant flavor; great to serve with a ripe pear or pour some local honey over it!
  • Alemar Cheese Company located in Mankato, MN: Their Bent River cheese is a Camembert style cheese made with Cedar Summit Farms organic milk. It has a creamy interior and loads of flavor; pair with fig spread and a fresh baguette from our bakery department.
  • Eichtens Cheese located in Center City, MN: They’re known for their delicious seasoned Goudas. This cheese has a creamy, milky flavor with a hint of herb. Eichtens’ Gouda goes really well with a nice dry salami and crusty bread.
  • Holland’s Family Cheese located in Thorp, WI: This family of first generation dairy farmers hails from the Netherlands. Their cheese Marieke Golden, which is aged 6-9 months, has a smooth, caramel flavor; I always make sure to serve salty almonds alongside this cheese to balance the sweetness.

So whether it is a picnic or a special event you are buying cheese for, stop in your local Lunds or Byerly’s and ask the cheese specialist about the many varieties of local cheeses to serve. Your guests will be impressed!

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