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Temperature Chart

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Food Item Internal Temperature
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Beef, lamb, veal ground products Internal Temperature 
Hamburger – prepared as patties, meatballs, etc. 160F
Non-ground products (Roasts and steaks)  Internal Temperature
Medium-rare 140-145F
Medium 160F
Well-done 170F
Pork (All cuts including ground products)  Internal Temperature
Medium 160F
Well-done 170F
Fresh, raw ham 160F
Fully cooked ham, to reheat 140F
Egg dishes, casseroles 160F
Leftovers, reheated 165F
Poultry  Internal Temperature
Ground chicken, turkey 165F
Whole chicken, turkey 165F
Boneless turkey roasts 170F
Poultry breast and roasts (white meat) 170F
Poultry thighs, wings and drumsticks (dark meat) 180F
Duck, goose 180F
Stuffing – cooked alone 165F
Fin fish - Cook until opaque and flakes easily with a fork
Shrimp, lobster, crab - Should turn red and flesh should become pearly opaque
Scallops - Should turn milky white or opaque and firm
Clams, mussels, oysters - Cook until shells open
Source: USDA

How to Get an Accurate Thermometer Reading

  • Red meats, roasts, steaks, chops and poultry pieces: insert in center of the thickest part, away from the bone, fat and gristle.
  • Poultry (whole bird): insert in inner thigh area near the breast, but not touching bone.
  • Ground meat and poultry: place in the thickest area of meatloaf or patty. With thin patties, insert sideways until reaching the center with the thermometer stem.
  • Egg dishes and casseroles: insert in center or thickest area of the dish.
Important tip: wash the thermometer stem thoroughly in hot, soapy water after each use.

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