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A Guide to Citrus Fruits

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Reddish orange skin with a deep maroon flesh. Few seeds. Distinct, sweet flavor with a raspberry overtone. Slices make a striking garnish and juice adds bright flavors to a vinaigrette or cocktails.
Cara Cara
Red Navel Orange
Orange skin with a deep pink flesh. Few, if any, seeds. Tangerine flavor with a hint of grapefruit. Delightful in a salad of shaved fennel and arugula with citrus vinaigrette.
Mandarin Orange (Tangerine) Bright orange skin with orange flesh. A more sour and tart flavor than the common orange. Eat out of hand or add to fruit salads. Grate peel in vinaigrettes.
Pummelo (Chinese Grapefruit) Yellowish green skin with a white to deep red flesh. Complex flavor with hints of lime. Sweeter than a grapefruit. Serve sections as part of a fruit salad, pair with avocado, or halve and spoon out sections like grapefruit.
Minneola Tangelo Reddish orange skin with bright orange flesh. Few, if any, seeds. Rich, tart flavor. Eat out of hand or add to fruit salads.
Clementine Tangerine Deep orange skin with orange flesh. Few, if any, seeds. Sweeter than an orange. Enjoy straight from the crate or toss with greens, pecans, and blue cheese in a salad.
Satsuma Tangerine Light orange skin with orange flesh. Few, if any, seeds. Sweet, slightly tart flavor. Add segments to coleslaw or chicken salad for an unexpected and colorful treat.
Deep yellow to yellow-orange skin with a darker yellow flesh. Sweeter, less acidic flavor than the common lemon with a fragrant, edible skin. Ideal for lemonade, pies, and sorbets.
Key Lime Greenish yellow flesh when ripe. Sweet, tart flavor. Adds the perfect pucker power to Key Lime pie, tarts, and mousse.

SOURCE: Lunds and Byerly's Culinary Experts - Real Food Magazine - Spring 2008