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A Guide to Squash and Pumpkins

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Acorn (Green Acorn, Gold Acorn, White Acron, Carnival Squash)

Small to medium in size. Acorn-like shape with deep ridges and a pointed bottom. Green and Gold Acorn get their name from color of shells. Both have orange flesh. White Acorn has creamy white shell with light flesh. Carnival Squash is green with mottled shell and light flesh.

Sweet, nutty Green Acorn: Year-round

Gold, White & Carnival: Fall

Buttercup Green Buttercup has dark green shell with gray stripes and orange flesh. Ambercup has an orange shell. Very sweet Fall

Butternut Beige in color, with a vase-like shape.Deep orange flesh. Sweet, similar to a sweet potato Year-round

Delicata (Sugar Loaf) Elongated shape. Creamy white shell with forestgreen stripes. Yellow flesh.

Sugar Loaf is a cross between Delicata and Acorn, shorter in length, and wider.
Sweet, similar to sweet corn Year-round

Hubbard (Green Hubbard, Blue Hubbard, Golden Hubbard) Large and round with tapered ends. Shell can be green, gray-blue, or golden. Orange flesh. Sweet, rich Fall

Kobocha Pronounced kah-BO-shuh, this is a Japanese variety with a pale green, gray, or orange shell. Thick golden flesh. Sweet, rich Year-round

Spaghetti (Small Wonder)

Small, watermelon shape. Golden yellow shell with pale yellow, spaghetti-like flesh.

Small Wonder is a smaller version.

Slightly sweet, nutty Spaghetti: Year-round

Small Wonder: Fall

Sweet Dumpling Pumpkin-shaped. Green and white-striped shell. Tender orange flesh. Mildly sweet Fall

Bright orange shell with green or white stripes. Bulb-like cap extends from blossom end. Orange flesh.

Sweet, rich Fall
Jack-be-Little (We-be-Little) Small, about the size of a tangerine.Bright orange or white shell. Sweet Fall

Fairy Tale Pumpkin
Classic squatty pumpkin shape with well-defined ribbing. Think Cinderella’s coach.
Light and sweet

Pie Pumpkin
Orange shell with orange flesh. Smaller than traditional jack-o’-lantern pumpkins used for carving.

Source: Lunds and Byerly ’s produce and culinary experts
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