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Welcome to the New and Improved
Lunds and Byerly’s Online Shopping

In an effort to make your online grocery shopping experience even quicker and easier, we’ve introduced a new and improved online grocery shopping service. As always, you can continue to select from a wide range of groceries, gourmet food, organic food, fresh produce and more – all offered online at the same price as in our supermarkets.

For those who have used our online grocery shopping service in the past, your account information and all of the items in your “My Favorites” list have been moved to our new shopping website.

Here's what's new:

Search Engine
– Our new predictive search engine helps you quickly locate the products you want. Type in the name of a product, a brand or something about the product and the search engine will quickly display any items that match or closely match your search criteria.

Shopping Cart
– Every item in your basket will now be shown along the right hand side of the screen while you shop. At any point you can change the requested quantity/weight for an item, remove an item or add a note for our Personal Shoppers using the “Add Notes” option.

Center Panel
– For ease of viewing as you navigate through the menu options, the center panel on our online shopping site displays featured items based on the category you are shopping. When you’ve selected the final level of a category, all items in that category are displayed in the center panel.

Customized Lists
– You now have the ability to create and save shopping lists. Items from your shopping list can be added to your basket with just a click of the mouse. Previous online shopping customers will see three lists in the “Master List” section of the site.

  1. Master List: Shows all items bought online during the past 13 months.
  2. Last Cart: Shows all items from your last order that was placed on our previous online shopping site.
  3. My Favorites: Shows all of your previous favorites as well as any new favorites you have selected.

PayPal – You can now use PayPal to purchase your online grocery shopping order. If this payment option is selected, you will be able to pay with a credit card or through a valid personal PayPal account. This payment information can be applied to all future online shopping orders.

Please note: A PayPal account is not required for credit card transactions.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!