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The New Royal Rib Roast

by Michael Selby, executive chef
Wednesday, November 7, 2012

With the holidays quickly approaching, there’s a certain excitement in the air as roasting pans make their annual comeback in home kitchens. The aromas from an afternoon roast that permeate through the kitchen, down the hall and eventually the whole house, are simple signs of the season and subtle whispers of anticipation for the holidays.

Of all the traditional oven-roasted options, I believe there is one stand alone, classic and crown jewel piece of meat that has a special place in every Midwesterners’ heart: beef rib roast of course!

Your guide to a simple, succulent prime rib

by Michael Selby, executive chef
Thursday, December 15, 2011

In a world of casinos, hotels and casual restaurants making the switch to brined, seared or marinated rib roast, we’ve found our home is one of the few places we can still enjoy a true prime rib, also known as a rib roast. Somewhere along the line many have lost their passion or patience for this legendary piece of meat.

Perhaps you’re skeptical because it’s a “roast.” We often have the mindset it will take forever to cook, much like a pot roast. Culinarily speaking, it’s best to view a rib roast, or prime rib, as a large steak. I’m of the opinion that in the winter months, nothing says “I no longer miss my grill” more than sharing a juicy rib roast with friends and family.

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